Brian Icon ShadowBrian was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His interest in a wide variety of subjects in school led him to dip into many different classes as he pursued his education through high school and into college. Working as a manager with Touch of Love Catering beginning in 2008 sparked a fire in Brian and this passion lead him into studying restaurant management and hospitality in college.

In 2011 Brian co-founded a consultancy, marketing, and design firm serving the Knoxville area. This business, Lost Peak, has been focused on leveraging both traditional and modern techniques to provide the firm’s clients with well-rounded services aimed at appealing to the modern consumer. In particular Lost Peak has helped a number of clients increase the online visibility of their businesses through website design, social media presence, website search engine optimization and other marketing tools.

Notably, Brian’s time with Touch of Love Catering taught him a great deal about the small business industry, entrepreneurship, and culinary arts. He of course found that the back end of the business was interesting to him and that he excelled at it, but he also soon realized that his exposure to the heart of the operation, the cooking, unveiled a whole new arena which excited his passion for new knowledge.

Unable to contain his love for the act of creating rich dishes, Brian chose to enroll in the Culinary Institute at the University of Tennessee in 2011. As with his previous studies and business ventures, Brian threw himself into this new atmosphere with all his heart and determination. Within short order he was not only fully immersed in his classes, but he could be found at the heart of many of the Culinary Institute’s activities. He took active part in as many of the school and alumni association events as he could manage.

Presently Brian combines his entrepreneurial projects with a new course of study at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tennessee. His educational focus now lies with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in the Food Science Industry. He presently remains active as a businessman, contributing member of the student body, and eager Tennessee Tech student. He looks ever forward to new projects and both educational as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.